Hosting in DEX Secure Cloud

Hosting Merchants Web Shops in a dedicated Server
Web Application Protocol (WAP) Security
Blacklists and Whitelists Access Control
Access filtering based on the Content and Actions

PCI Certification of Web Shopes

Web Sites hosted in PCI DSS certified Environment
Site extended with authentication of users
Reliable and Validated Identities (Bank IDs)
Crypto protection of Data and Transactions

Customer Support with POS Devices

Sale of PAX A920 Devices
Loading of Prerequisites: SDK and P2PE Keys
Pre-loading of DEX POS Application
Configuration and Customer Support with POS Devices

Accounting and Financial Management

Direct Peer-to-Peer Payment Transactions
Transactions exchanged and instantaneously settled
Accounting / Reports at the level of the Store
Financial Reporting at the level of Individual Devices
Validations using Secure and Immutable Financial Ledger

IT Security: Bank IDs and E2E Encryption

Verification of Identities using Bank Validaion
Validation of Name, Address, and Financial Data
Security Levels based of Financial Authorizations
End-to-End EMV encryption of Payment Transactions.