DIJI Exchange supports debit card, credit card, and ACH transactions. Our sophisticated tech and methodology is a leading pioneer in the FinTech (financial technology) industry – offering the safest and most secure payment gateway service in today’s market by enhancing efficiency and optimizing revenue.

DIJI Ex utilizes blockchain technology to allow our merchants to progress and grow with the economy. Our technology offers transparency, live transaction reporting, and reduces financial risks exponentially. DIJI Ex caters to all merchants; we are an open-loop system where DIJI Ex acquires merchant processing through our portal pass through, executing proper separation between appropriate properties. This methodology makes us a perfect fit for all low to high-cap merchants, and attests to why DIJI Ex is a safer, and more secure solution than others that exist today.

Identities are encrypted, so the ledger provides privacy and anonymity of participants, while still validating their identities and transactions. We specialize in IT Security for payment transactions.

Using strong cryptography, the system provides security of all transactions, privacy of users and is not vulnerable to fraud and illegal transactions.

DIJI Ex payment provider services may be implemented in any national business model as a direct plugin for your WooCommerce services, or through our payment terminals.
Our secure system supports businesses, their transactions, and advanced data reporting for their market. DIJI Ex takes pride in the security and privacy of our merchants and their transactions. Our highly skilled team will guide you through our effortless payment services.

The DIJI Ex payment services platform is constructed from a collection of servers that are responsible for validating all transactions. Our intelligent technology provides instant reporting from three different parties, ensuring that your transactions are all accounted for.

Our innovative concepts and technologies are based on our secure distributed financial ledger, providing a fully compliant currency exchange in the digital space.

The stability is in the simplicity of the U.S. dollar coupling with the innovative nature of our patented secure blockchain technology. DIJI Ex is enhancing the conventional financial system, representing a digital and fungible substitute for the use of the traditional U.S. Dollar.

DIJI Ex combats AML and other financial leakages throughout all business avenues. We provide state-of-the-art quality control and transparency– we’re upfront with our merchants, creating a secure and reliable platform to conduct all live transactions.   




DIJI Ex supports registration & security services, validation of identities, and verification of transactions by procedures that are fully compliant to all federal requirements and official local/state regulations. We also support management, distribution, and use of identities and crypto keys of all parties and assists in the overall validation of their financial transactions.

DIJI EXCHANGE supports all types of users and their roles, it performs all business and financial transactions, and follows and enforces all official regulations.