What We Offer

Digital Financial Service

Due to the nature of different booming industries, they require special payment procedures and parameters. Our highly intelligent software technology legally meets all parameters, allowing DIJI Ex to conduct straightforward payments (debit + all credit cards + ACH P2P transactions) between your business and your consumers. Therefor, our software is compliant to all current financial regulations.

Diverse Merchant Audience

All business sizes are compatible with our system, customizing the needs from small cap to larger corporate merchants. DIJI Ex’s payment processing system is flawless for proper execution for transactions, and identities management. Our technology supports next-day funding, as well as same-day funding.

Advanced Reporting

We guarantee non-complex balancing of books; every transaction recorded precisely from all EMV (card) and ACH payments will be reflected in your portal’s transaction summary. DIJI Ex provides reports containing statistics of transaction balance(s) displaying trends, volume, etc in the form of candle-stick, pie, and other graphs. Custom reports created for your business will require a 2-3 day turn-over rate.

Cyber Security Measures

Our intellectual property software scope goes beyond payments, offering IT security for all payment transactions. The entire infrastructure of our ledger-payment gateway service is powered by six different patents and the appropriate certifications including, but is not limited to, ISO/ISV & ACH passed certificates. DIJI Ex has met all specific requirements for data in your market at the federal and state level of legality; ensuring CRA guidelines and regulatory reviews have been met at the appropriate levels.

Identity Verification

The DIJI Ex software structure is blockchain led and ledger based, ensuring all transactions to be recorded for compliance, reporting, and other verification purposes. Our system’s verification process is immediate when relaying identity requirements due to our network design and cloud services. Our secure distributed financial ledger is comprised of a collection of servers that support the use of identities and crypto keys of all parties and assists in the validation of their financial transactions.

Integrated Payments

DIJI Ex serves a multi-purpose platform that may be used with our advanced stand alone device, or in a semi-integrated POS web process. All USD funds are held in a digital escrow account (see code of ethics), that may only be triggered when the merchant initiates a ‘pay out’ allowing your organization’s funds to be settled into your account within 24-48 hours. Certain businesses may qualify for a settlement of same-day funds, immediately deposited into your bank account with zero wait time.

CODE OF ETHICS – see mission statement here

DIJI Exchange is recognized by our partners at several U.S. financial institutions as a legal payment gateway system by setting funds in a declared digital escrow account. The managing members of DIJI Ex declare that DPX is fully fungible and liquid, meaning that when proper funds settle into your portal account, DIJI Exchange must keep full dollar amount of funds available for pay out at all times. Our supporting banks guarantee a transfer between DIJI Ex Escrow and your merchant portal account. DIJI Exchange has taken an extensive oath to this special banking arrangement in pursuit of insurances and safety from use of anyone else other than the merchant. Instantaneous, reliable, fee-less payments 24/7.


100% LEGAL



Driving The Future of Payments via Innovative Blockchain Technology

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